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I’ve had this hanging around for a while, just never got round to constructing a sample. But now I’m back into playing Flames of War, I need a few more houses to hide behind! This can be purchased now from the products page.

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I’ve done some basic containers, some retro soft drink containers, so I figured I may as well throw together some Sci-Fi containers, featuring evil corporations from some great films and a TV show! The great thing is that in reality they will all work together so as well as being available as individual sets, I’m gonna make them available as one complete 28mm Shipping Container Set.

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Putting together a new set of 28mm containers – this time with a Sci-Fi theme. Hopefully will have them ready early next week.

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The first building in my North African series will hopefully be part of a small village ideal for Flames of War’s new Hellfire early war armies, or any 15mm African based wargames. It’s a single story dwelling with an optional single room for the roof. Available now.

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