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I’ve played a few late war Tank skirmishes with Aaron recently, which have worked quite well for the most part. However, I’ve yet to see my Tigers Marsch box set in action, so have been busy finishing off my 7th Armoured Division so I have enough tanks to face up to the Tigers. Getting points to match exactly is unattainable in Flame of War, especially with tanks, so I’ve compiled what I think is a fairly even points battle below. Read the rest of this entry »

This is KingDan’s Bagration German Army List which he got me to pretty up in Photoshop for the most recent Flames of War tournament he took part in.

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From Top Left: Parachute Mortar Platoon 165pts (Finished), Commando Platoon 220pts (Finished), Airlanding Battery, Royal Artillery 140pts (Need to purchase a Staff Team, Observer Rifle Team and Command Rifle Team), 2 Combat Platoons 2x 240pts (Basing on Command and PIAT needs to be done), Combat Platoon 240pts (Command Team needs painting, everything needs basing), Armoured Platoon 280pts (Requires painting), HQ 65pts (requires painting and basing).

I decided to set myself a challenge for January. Part of the challenge was to finish painting my Brit Airborne, and purchase the necessary parts to make it into a complete 1,500pt army. The last time I had counted my point values, I’d come in at around 1,000pts. I figured a Centaur Platoon would be easy to paint up and for an out lay of only $60 would get me up to 1,300pts, meaning that the remaining 200pts could easily be used up adding PIAT teams to my Combat Platoons and some Sniper to HQ.

I decided to draw up a visual representation of my army as it stood so I could easily see what I had and what I need to purchase/add on to my existing teams to make the magic 1,500pt mark. That’s when I use a calculator to add up my points to see just what i needed to purchase.


5 whole points to play with.

Somewhere down the track I must have miss-counted and I now have a dilemma. Do I continue with my plan to add another 500pts to my army and make my challenge a 2,000pt army? It certainly appeals to me – there isn’t any additional work to what I was expecting to do and whilst I doubt I’ll be playing any 2,000pt games, it would give me the flexibility to beef up my infantry army if I’m ever up against a more mobile army.

2,000pts here I come!!

Now I probably need to look at my Mid War German Army and see what points value I have there, who knows, I may well have enough to make up a 2,000pt army to fight my Paratroopers.

Spread out all my German components and worked on a new look army. I wonder if it will work any better.

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