M4 Tank Knocked Out

M4 Tank Knocked Out text

Knocked out American M-4 tank and German Self Propelled Gun sit side by in street.  Note hits on the German S.P.

FOW Howitzer

FOW jeeps

FOW med mortar



Had a few days off work looking after a sick child, so I decided to begin painting my Bolt Action British Airborne. I figured painting was like riding a bike. The trouble is, that if you haven’t ridden a bike for a while, you probably shouldn’t try doing a complex down hill race. The painting certainly isn’t my best, but it will be good to have a small group of painted figures on the table. Hopefully over the course of painting my whole army, I’ll improve and take a few more chances with adding more detail.

But if nothing else, it was great to have a paint brush in my hand again. Roll on the holidays!


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