flack001Found this nicely painted Luftwaffe FlaK 36 Platoon on Facebook today.

Lee John Parnell says of his painting: The guns have a deliberately faded and battered look to make the un-camouflaged Gun Shields visually interesting. For some reason the buff highlight has come over very vivid, which makes it less subtle than it normally looks. May try using German Camo-Beige instead of Buff on the Panthers to see if that dulls it down.

On the other hand I’m quite pleased with the crew. I plan to paint some Open Fire Germans as Luftwaffe Felddivision to bolster the Heer on occasion. Read the rest of this entry »

After getting the latest email newsletter from Wayland Games, I decided that I should treat myself to something for Christmas, and the Firefly Board Game looked like it would do the job nicely. With postage the game was going to cost $91.00 from Wayland, but my PayPal account only had $56.00 in it, and Wayland didn’t seem to want to accept split payments so I searched the web for local options. Heroes For Sale had it for $114.95, pick up only from their store in the city, inconvenient and over priced.

Seeing as it was a Gale Force 9 produced game, I figured I’d give Battlefront a try, and they do indeed stock the game, at a very reasonable $65.00, with postage taking it to $71.00. Add to cart. Checkout. Purchase.

For once Battlefield looked like they would be the cheapest option, and being NZ based, should have no problem delivering before Christmas.

But then there was the ominous absence of a confirmation of order email. And being the weekend, my customer support query will go un-answered until Monday at the earliest. Hopefully Battlefield will come through for me and I’ll have myself a very happy Christmas.


A liberated Jewish man holds a German soldier at gunpoint at the end of the second World War.

I’ve played a few late war Tank skirmishes with Aaron recently, which have worked quite well for the most part. However, I’ve yet to see my Tigers Marsch box set in action, so have been busy finishing off my 7th Armoured Division so I have enough tanks to face up to the Tigers. Getting points to match exactly is unattainable in Flame of War, especially with tanks, so I’ve compiled what I think is a fairly even points battle below. Read the rest of this entry »

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