dead mans corner

So my good start to painting a German force for Bolt Action kind of died, so it’s time to resurrect it. I have my dedicated gaming/painting space back, so what I need now is motivation! So I figured I needed to research an iconic piece of World War II terrain that would be worth my German’s fighting over.

Then I remembered a scene in one of the Brother’s In Arms games I played years ago, and isolated farm house on a rural intersection, where an American tank had been knocked out and it’s commander’s body left slumped half out of the tank as a battle for the farm house raged for days, thus earning the nickname, Dead Man’s Corner.

dead mans corner location

Arial photography from the time suggests there may have been some other houses across the road, but I’ll be focusing on the iconic three story house for my build along with the possibility of a removable front garden piece.

Along side this I hope to carry on with the paining of my German figures!

BAMMGdownlowviewAfter many months of playing with it not quite finished, I finally got round to painting the actual gun and basing my MMG team. My Holidays are almost over and I just didn’t get the painting time I had anticipated, so my Fallschirmjager army will become my project for the year, rather than the holidays. And now I’m moving into night-time painting, so my XBox is going to have to get used to being left in a dark corner for a while!




fallschirmjager 002

fallschirmjager 003

Decided to take the opportunity to photograph a finished and a bare metal figure side by side so I can see the transformation that happens when I get my a into g and get focused on painting!

fallschirmjager 004

Managed to get my first stand of 9 Fallschirmjager finished today.

fallschirmjager 001

Fallschirmjager first set

Quick paint job for the first set of Fallschirmjager. Painting was a lot more enjoyable than finishing off my SAS. Going to hopefully dip them tomorrow, then base them at the same time I base my final SAS dudes.

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