BAMMGdownlowviewAfter many months of playing with it not quite finished, I finally got round to painting the actual gun and basing my MMG team. My Holidays are almost over and I just didn’t get the painting time I had anticipated, so my Fallschirmjager army will become my project for the year, rather than the holidays. And now I’m moving into night-time painting, so my XBox is going to have to get used to being left in a dark corner for a while!




fallschirmjager 002

fallschirmjager 003

Decided to take the opportunity to photograph a finished and a bare metal figure side by side so I can see the transformation that happens when I get my a into g and get focused on painting!

fallschirmjager 004

Managed to get my first stand of 9 Fallschirmjager finished today.

fallschirmjager 001

Fallschirmjager first set

Quick paint job for the first set of Fallschirmjager. Painting was a lot more enjoyable than finishing off my SAS. Going to hopefully dip them tomorrow, then base them at the same time I base my final SAS dudes.


I get 6 weeks holiday over Christmas and the New Year, so I was planning on finishing my British Airborne, and getting a good way through my Fallschirmjager. Life however, always seems to get in the way of hobby bliss, sow the first time I picked up a paint brush was in week 4. I’m happy to say that my final stand of SAS is now just waiting to be flocked. But that was only 7 almost finished figures.

I have started on my Fallschirmjager, but it’s going to be a slow journey, and I’m going to have to find time to paint. Times when I traditionally don’t paint because there are too many distractions. That’s just the reality of my life at the moment, and the reality of losing a dedicated hobby space.

Picking up a paintbrush after a long break was also hard. Practice makes perfect. Taking what seemed like a year long break, makes painting seem a whole lot harder than it used to be. Maybe it’s a sign of getting old. Maybe it’s too much XBox.

But I have a whole army to paint, so paint I will. Why I keep choosing armies with complex camo schemes I’m not sure, but making my life harder seems to be a goal of mine!

The end of 2015 saw a return to board games – with a friend finally wanting to play Space Hulk after picking it up some 18 months earlier. We played two games, so that we could both see how the other side plays. The games were great and some rules mistakes were made – but that;s how you learn, right! It’s a good solid game where thinking up tactical plays is what will win the game. Both our games ended up in draws. Both games I saw the writing on the wall and knew that a draw was all I could do, so adapted my play accordingly.

We ending up the year with a fun game of X-Wing, a game I must really bust out a lot more and play with my daughter.

With Fallout 4 arriving late in 2015, XBox rained king for most of my gaming needs, but one game replaced Fallout 4 as the year came to an end. World of Tanks is a game I pick up and play periodically, and becasue I had 6 weeks off, I laid down some coin for a month of premium. My goal was to grind up to a Lvl 10 German Heavy. I’m almost there with 7 days premium left. I’m going to ease off a bit as I know if I don’t do it this time, I have enough Gold for another month during the next school holidays.

This week we should be back to playing Bolt Action, which should give me more encouragement to keep painting my Fallschirmjager, but a bigger encouragement is that I want to get them painted and out the way (I mean and be playing with them) before Mantic release their Walking Dead game later this year.

Being able to jump into the world of the Walking Dead on the tabletop sounds amazing, though only time will tell, and depending in the pricing, my wallet may have more to say that anything else.

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