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Had a few days off work looking after a sick child, so I decided to begin painting my Bolt Action British Airborne. I figured painting was like riding a bike. The trouble is, that if you haven’t ridden a bike for a while, you probably shouldn’t try doing a complex down hill race. The painting certainly isn’t my best, but it will be good to have a small group of painted figures on the table. Hopefully over the course of painting my whole army, I’ll improve and take a few more chances with adding more detail.

But if nothing else, it was great to have a paint brush in my hand again. Roll on the holidays!


FOW quick paintIt’s been a few weeks since I last posted, but Bolt Action has sure got our little gaming group motivated. I’ve managed to do a quick paint job on both of my bombed buildings, one of which still requires me to come up with a roof solution. Feels good to have some finished terrain on the board to play with.

FOW Foam TestI’ve even started a little testing with foam, to create a new piece of modular terrain.

FOW Jeep PartsThen I decided to bolster my force with some Airborne Jeeps. These came with an assortment of parts, many of them optional, but with no instructions on how they all go together!

FOW headless jeepI managed to cobbled the essentials to create jeep woith a headless driver. Just a little more work, and I’ll have two jeeps ready for Wednesday’s battle.

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