farmhouse001So I’ve got four incomplete buildings on the go already, but then I decided to buy some 3mm MDF, so I could try something a little bigger. Hhhhmmm, and so, the Farmhouse has begun. Don’t worry, this isn’t a case of straight gamer ADD or my inability to finish anything. All my other buildings need have their undercoat spray painted, and the weather currently is shit.

farm building 002So this Farmhouse seems to have a heap more windows than most buildings I’ve created, and being a Normandy Farmhouse requires shutters. A lot of shutters.

farmhouse003And of course it requires brick work on the corners. Pretty much this is my biggest building project to date and my most detailed. Fingers crossed it all works out, this is going to be too much work for it to end in disaster!

bolt actionThis probably explains why I’ve been doing scale tests with some cork buildings. Building scenery for my new toys. WWII British Airborne, 28mm scale.

scale test 2

scale test

outrider dirtIt’s been a while since I posted anything on here, I’ve been busy doing nothing and forgetting I have a website to keep updated! One of the things I’ve been busy with is finishing off my first three Outrider vehicles. I saw first three, because I’m pretending my first attempt doesn’t actually exist, because, well, it sucks. Especially when compared to these three. And to be honest, half of the reason these three look so much better is because Stu let me rummage through his bits box.

That and I decided to outlay some money on a drill and paint stripper so I could give the cars a decent prep job. It seems that the old saying about only getting out what you put in, or hard work always pays off or something, really is true.

outrider birdseyeNow we’ve just got to play a few more games, but with the beginnings of winter and the instant gratification of the XBox, getting the gaming crew together for a game has proved somewhat challenging. But hopefully this week the stars will align and I’ll be able to take my cars into the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

If you don’t know what Outrider is, think of a tabletop game based on Mad Max using customsied Hot Wheels cars, or check out the full details over on BoardGameGeek.

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